Casa Alto Hatillo

Soaring Above The Noise

A World Apart

The phrase “On top of the hill” may have been written with a place like this in mind. An incredible location secluded from the city and with a superb view in any direction…   And we visually brought it all into the house.

Casa Alto Hatillo

Caracas, Venezuela

Completed – 2014

Completed – 2018

Project Type:
21,500 SF Single Family Home.

Architecture and Interior Architecture

Carlos Guevara, Eudo Cubillán, Jorge Matheus, Carlos XXX


The Project

This massive real estate property soars at the top of a privileged hill of El Alto Hatillo, a secluded neighborhood in the outskirts of Caracas.  The clean horizontal architectural planes graciously intersect the surroundings while generous window openings reveal the majestic view and provide aerie sensations to dwellers and visitors alike.

The main entrance to this five-story residence is located at its vertical center, splitting it into two areas. The living quarters are on the upper floors and the rest of the house hosts the social, working, entertainment and service areas.

Carefully planned open-concept spaces allow for uninterrupted access to the outside view from all floors while frameless windows and sliding doors, and vertical indoor gardens suggest the continuity of the outdoors into the residence. Thoughtful lighting design insinuates visual directions that enhance the flow and subtly draws the attention toward the captivating “Cerro Avila”.



Drawn With Light