Casa Country Club

Beyond Walls

“Pilón”… A Silent Witness

Standing through generations and earning its place on the hearts of those who grew around it, Pilón stays at the axis of an open and inclusive architecture.

Casa Country Club

Caracas, Venezuela

Completed - 2018

In progress

Project Type:
16,150 SF Single Family Home.

Architecture and Interior Architecture

Carlos Guevara, Eudo Cubillán, Jorge Matheus



Building upon its original 1957’s architectural structure and character, and the centennial heritage of nature, including a spectacular aged tree nicknamed “Pilón”, we designed clean sharp spaces and arranged them in an “L” shape in order to maximize their integration with the stunning natural views of the land.  To the north, the imposing presence of the Avila mountain; to the east, the spectacular scenery of the Country Club’s golf course. 

The different areas of the house flow into each other, both visually and physically, through interior corridors that become a continuously changing hallway of light and shades.

The formal dining area is set in a courtyard that seems to float under Pilón’s serene and protective embrace, framing the scene with its branches and turning it into a unique sensorial experience. This multi-level house cuddles into the topography to become one with its surroundings.