The Levitant

Levitating over the Mountain...

Privileged Environment

The house which is located in a privileged environment, with one of the best climates in the world, arises from its implantation in the terrain as the expression of the dreams and needs of our clients.

A parcel of land with a steep slope that descends to the North and with exceptional views that open up to the Caracas valley and the majestic presence of “El Ávila” hill. A mountain that with its 1,765m above the city protects and shelters all its inhabitants alike.

The Levitant

Caracas, Venezuela

Completed – 2015

Completed – 2020

Project Type:
21,500 SF Single Family Home.

Architecture, Interior Design, and Furniture Design

Carlos Guevara, Eudo Cubillán, Jorge Matheus, Carlos Pazmiño



Understanding these characteristics, the house had to open up to the visuals and adapt itself to what the landscape proposed.

We wanted all the spaces in the program area to have a direct connection with the environment outside, so we developed the house on 4 floors. 

We proposed a home that redefines the relationship between the people who occupy it, architecture and nature. We believe that this enhances the connection of its inhabitants with themselves.

We wanted to design a dwelling where family ties are strengthened and man can develop his spirituality in harmony with nature, letting architecture develop its power.


Diseño de Interiores

Diseño de Mobiliario

Arte Funcional

The house is established on the upper level, the main level where our design begins, with a yellow sculptural gate that welcomes your arrival and integrates the pedestrian and vehicular accesses. 

Cantilever plates

The level above accommodates the living quarters. Various rooms that levitate over the landscape through their horizontal planes that project outward while protecting the lower levels from sunlight.

The ceiling of the rooms opens at an angle to enhance the views towards “El Ávila”. There is an important structural design of cantilevered plates that allows vertical elements not to interrupt the visuals.

Entire See-through glass facade

To achieve the desired openness and at the same time define the spaces, we opted for an innovative system of parking doors, without frames, made of an extra-clear glass that allows the North facade of the house to be opened 100%. These elements that extend from floor to ceiling, allow both the integration of the landscape and the creation of ample internal spaces full of light.

I particularly remember that one afternoon during construction, a very subtle mist began to climb the mountain and magically entered the house. It was an incredible moment, nature was invited to this home and she graciously accepted.

Diseño de Interiores

On the main level, we can enter the intimacy of the home where the living room, dining room, guest bathroom (with its vertical garden) and kitchen are arranged in a large, open, and continuous space where everyone can enjoy the city views.

Pool area

From the access level we can, without entering the house, access the pool level by means of a suggestive route through a staircase that we located at the turning point of the land lot. This independent access is very practical for social events. Here we find the barbecue area whose main furniture was designed with faceted planes to achieve an exclusive element.

Terraces in marble, grass and wood; an interior space with a family room and a glass office with a wide visual horizon that allows working from the comfort of home. At the end of the tour, we descend from the pool by a flighty staircase to the entertainment level that has a gym, cinema and discotheque.

A natural masterpiece

The majestic Ávila Mounting is framed as if it were a large painting 12m width x 4m height (39.4 Ft width x 13.1Ft height).

To summarize

The project begins by adapting itself to the topography, making the architecture emerge from the landscape. Then rises and levitates above it through the projection of its horizontal planes that cut the air, and like wings, own it.