La Carlota

A singular modern cuisine restaurant focused on providing a casual and dynamic dining experience where memorable moments are always on the menu.  Its architecture and functionality have been carefully crafted to reflect the evolution of the international cuisine scene.

La Carlota opened its doors in Madrid, Spain, in December 2018.

Blending Culture,  Tradition, and Vanguard Design


The long and rich Spanish culture is rooted in its people, its cities, streets, and buildings and, though time gives way to new trends, we managed to insert the building’s own history into the vibrant lifestyle of today’s mega-cities.


The Experience

La Carlota values shared conversation hence we made sure that such was a relevant “ingredient” in the experience.  We designed spaces where patrons and staff, including chefs, can communicate openly, both verbally and visually.  We brought those spaces together to create a casual yet elegant ambiance that encourages human interaction.

Look & Feel

Original architectural elements like arches, columns, and brick walls where preserved, and partially restored, to expose a sense of continuity in time and to serve as a canvas for urban art expressions.

In order to achieve esthetic balance in the fusion of classic and contemporary styles, noble and industrial materials were carefully chosen for the furniture and light features, designed by CGA exclusively for La Carlota. The chairs are the work of the Spaniard designer Ramón Esteve.

Lighting the Mood

The windows’ niches were faceted to increase the reflection and intensity of the natural light coming through the original window openings. A floating lamp with a sleek design, that extends along the main restaurant area, provides a pleasant ambient light that reveals the dramatic character of arches and ceiling.

Designing La Carlota’s architectural Identity was a demanding yet gratifying challenge from every point of view, either structural, functional, and esthetic. 

We are proud of the results and trust that our work will contribute to building great memories for all who visit in years to come.


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