Project Description

For Carlos Guevara, to design an outlet where pieces of the best brand names of the world be sold – at really low prices- was an interesting task, since it is the first Super OFF in Venezuela, another company of the Grupo Casa Blanca; under the concept of creating an intelligent space for an intelligent purchase.  The public would have the option of a great variety of pieces in the best style of sales under the ambience of an authentic warehouse.  At the beginning, the idea was considered of finding a land where a great tent could be designed for the exhibition of these pieces, but after finding a warehouse of an approximate area of 500 meters, it was given in this way a more cosmopolitan image, some kind of New York “loft” with an excellent environment and good music.

After diverse proposals they pinpointed the ideal space.  The second floor of a great store in Calle Madrid of Las Mercedes neighborhood, where the ceiling personified the wanted warehouse.

In Carlos Guevara´s proposal, and adapting to the function of the new store, it was decided that since it was a permanent sales merchandise, the discount advertisement and the logotype should be red color to get the attention from the street.  It is for that reason that the access volume to Super OFF  is intense red with a metallic stairway of polished aluminum that takes straight to the exhibition.  Once this level is overcome, handling a checkpoint and delivery of bags and packages, the venue is defined in white is a perfect scenery to show the dress pieces.  The following step was to find certain volumetrics with high walls emphasizing the two waters of the also white ceilings, where there are two rails with par38 reflectors and lamps with acrylic refractors and metal halide bulbs.  The shelve system along the wall is in aluminum of very pure lines and with the versality of being flexible to the requirements.    The work tables made by CAPUY consist in a structure painted in aluminum color with a top of metallic corrugated sheet.  To highlight the industrial character of Super OFF, the air conditioner was left to the view and was canalized through great galvanized cylinders.  The floors are in capure wood for The Man and Intimates section, and for the rest the polished concrete floor that existed was uncovered and left natural.  Even though it is an Outlet, due to respect to the brand and the clients, the image will always be present and taken care through the models, luminous hoarding and poster with alumina frames.  In these stores there no artifices, nothing is hidden, it does not pretend to be, no luxury.  It is simply a space intervened with design, that allows the client to select the ideal price and make the intelligent purchase.

Project Info


  • Design and concept: Carlos Guevara
  • Manager of the project: Ana María Meléndez
  • Area:  485 square meters
  • Beginning of project:  April 2001
  • End of project: June 2001
  • Illumination Project:  Carlos Guevara
  • Supply of Illumination:  Iluminación Helios, Cablea, Formalux
  • Ironwork, drywall, and electricity:  Constructora Zenawi
  • Furniture:  Capuy, Todo y Carpinteria Leonardo Gómez
  • Metalic sheets: Laminatti de Venezuela
  • Aluminum Frames: Galea
  • Glasses and mirrors:  Cristalería Napoles
  • Sound:  Media (JVC)
  • Printed Images:  Processing Job